Sonoma and Napa Counties both touch the Bay at their southernmost points and are heavily dependent on the many ferry lines to San Francisco and Oakland, and could reasonably be expected to benefit from increased commerce if a bridge were to be built. The counties of Mendocino, Humboldt, Lake and Del Norte were largely places of great beauty, many trees, but only a few hardy people who came to cut them down. By the 1920ís, much of the timber was gone, and their economies were more diverse and connected to the big city to the south. The State sanctioned Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District put a bond issue on the ballot in the November election of 1930, which was hotly debated. The voters of each county voted, and only the closest two counties, Marin and Sonoma, and the most distant, Del Norte, along with San Francisco, of course, were fully invested in the Golden Gate Bridge, as the citizens of each backed the bonds with their properties and taxes.