Golden Gate Bridge Statistics

Height, Length & Volume

There were many challenges standing in the way of the Golden Gate Bridge, not the least of which was that it would have to be the longest single suspended span ever attempted.

The Navy demanded a height to allow the free passage of ships and that connects the roadbeds to the land making a gap between San Francisco and Marin County of 1.7 miles (2.7 km). Then the engineer had a choice to make – bring the towers closer together and put the towers in the deep channel with fierce currents caused by the tides, or spread them apart and make the hanging portion longer.

The engineers settled on a design that has the north tower just at the boundary of dry land and the shore, with the south tower, in contrast, is 1125 ft from shore and standing in 110 feet of ocean with strong currents and dangerously close to the shipping lanes.

The resulting structure is a graceful, slightly assymetrical sculpture that connects and frames one of nature’s great works of art in a way that complements it as much as it tames it.

It was the longest, single suspended, span from its completion date in 1937 until the Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened in 1964, suspiciously only 60 feet longer! The Golden Gate Bridge is currently ranked the 7th longest single span in the world.

Total length including approaches:1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Length of the suspension:1.2 miles (1.9 km)
Distance between the towers at the water:4200 ft or 0.8 miles (1.28 km)
Average height above water:220 ft (67 meters)
Height of towers above water:746 ft (227 meters)
Depth of channel at San Francisco tower:110 ft (34 meters)
Weight of each anchorage (connected to main cables):60,000 tons (54,000,000 kg)
Weight of each tower:44,000 tons (40,000,000 kg)
Weight supported by each tower:62,000 tons (56,000,000 kg
Number of rivets in each tower:600,000
Diameter of wire used to braid main cables:0.192 inch (0.48 cm)
Diameter of each main cable:36.5 inches (96 cm)
Number of smaller wires bundled to make each main cable:27,572
Length of each main cable:7650 ft (2332 meters)
Total length of wire used to braid into 2 main cables:80,000 miles (129,000 km)

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